Monday, April 6, 2009

A Surprise Visit

This past weekend we had the pleasure of Autumn West's company. Autumn, a fellow CU grad, just finished up over two years in Cambodia with the Peace Corps and returned to the States today. She was visiting a nearby friend in Budapest, Hungary and came to spend a few sunny days with us. Autumn was our official guinea pig for all future Bratislava/Vienna tours we'll give and, as a former Forensics team member, she more than appreciated that I made most of it up as I went. This is us in Vienna at the Easter Market. We also tackled the labyrinth garden at Schloss Schonbrunn; embarassing/amusing video to come.

These painted eggs were unbelievable and all over. My family always decorated for Easter so, even though Mike doesn't know it yet, our home will one day have a small tree with Easter eggs hanging from it. When our kids ask us what this has to day with Christ's resurrection, well...? I really wanted the egg that had the entire map of the world painted on it! But I couldn't bring myself to pay 7 Euros for a painted egg that probably won't survive the trip home. Alas...
And we simply had to post a photo of the giant pretzels we ate, of course.