Friday, April 3, 2009

Caring for "the least of these" in Serbia

Trans World Radio's programming is constantly growing and changing. When the tsunami hit in 2006, TWR created programs to offer hope to the hopeless situation through Jesus Christ. They are doing the same in today's cholera epidemic in Africa.

In mid-November 2007, a research study was released that exposed the indecencies of a Serbian orphanage for mentally handicapped children, they had to do something. Children in this orphanage were so tragically unloved, some not being taken from their cribs for years at a time. For the full TIME article, please click here.

Following the report, TWR Serbia (Ikonos) and others sought out a way to help these children. Ikonos is merely a 15-minute car ride away from the main dormitory for disabled children and felt that such a close proximity indicates we need to help these almost forgotten children. Together, they came up with the idea to create a CD with 52 30-minute stories for these marginalized children. The programs are called "Grandma Vera's Storytelling."

Currently, TWR is not able to enter into the Mental Disabilities Health Care institution, but we can enter regular orphanages and institutions, as well as dormitories for special needs children. In these places, programming and Bible stories have been very well-received by the children. We pray that God will give us a door into the Health Care institution. TWR cannot heal this children or send workers into the orphanage, but we can send healing through Jesus Christ.

For more information about Grandma Vera's Storytelling or how to help, click here.