Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Letters from Albania

Click here to learn more about how TWR is reaching women in Albania. You can see a preview for the Epic Story about Project Hannah, TWR's global ministry for suffering women. Several of these letters are also in response to a very popular TWR program, Thru the Bible. The theme of oppression in these letters in heart-breaking.

"I live in a far village and I am so blessed that I can hear the radio. I and all my family are believers. The nearest church is far away from our village so we don’t have the possibility to go there. Radio has become good spiritual food for us. The program Thru the Bible is a wonderful opportunity to study the Bible together. It is like [the speaker] Dr. McGee comes to us at the same time every day to teach us the wonderful revelations of the Word of God. It is great, because the radio can come where it is difficult for others to come. "

"Christian radio is my great friend. I have my own shop where I style and prepare clothes for women. The radio in on all the time and the customers often ask me about different things they hear on the radio, so I have great possibilities to share my faith with them. I gave several of them fix-tuned radios and I’m amazed at the work the Lord is doing on their hearts as they go home. They come back so full of the Word. The Lord is increasing his Kingdom and this is so exciting. I tell everyone that, if they want to understand the Word, they must listen to TTB. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you."

"It’s a blessing for us to have you. I cannot go to church as my husband is against it, but I meet different Christian friends in my shop and we pray together. We want to know God more and the radio is helping us. It’s such an incredible and crucial help for me in growing as a Christian and sharing my faith with others. I keep the radio on all day long in my shop and different customers ask me about my faith. This way, I can share my faith; my husband is okay with this, as long as our customers are happy. "

"For many years, Christian radio was my only way of growing in faith. I came to the Lord through radio and as part of a family [from a different religious background]. I was never allowed to go to a small cell group in my village. My father destroyed all the Christian booklets I had and the Bible. Last year, he forced me to marry an unbeliever. Now I live in Greece and miss the radio so much. I miss the programs. Would you please send me your programs from the book of 1 Chronicles and further? Thank you. I pray for you all the time and I trust the Lord will strengthen your faith and bless the work of your hands."

"The TTB program is a great blessing for me. My husband does not allow me to go to church, so Christian radio is my great companion. I listen to the program and read the Bible with the pastor. It’s like a balm for my sprit. The Word is so powerful and encourages me to go on and trusting God that he will change my husband and bless my family. Thank you, and I’m praying for God’s great blessing on your life."

"Thank you for being a good friend to all of us who don’t have possibility to go to church. I am so blessed by the program of Mr. McGee. I am a Christian, but my husband doesn’t allow me to go to church. Thank you for giving us spiritual food through the radio. God bless you all. "