Friday, January 9, 2009

How are you? How are you? How are you?

Last night we meet with some friends at a lounge downtown to hear a blues/jazz band. The singer was an adorable Norwegian girl and, before the night was over, we heard a song in Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak, English, and Russian. This evening we met with Tina, a co-worker and old friend, and went to the mall to see "Yes Man." The main characters went to Lincoln, Nebraska in the movie and even attended a Huskers game! SO surreal. I was expecting to hear cheers, then realized: "Um. I'm in Slovakia."

Mike is making himself very at home. Whenever we are in separate rooms, I heard thuds and clunks and shuffling in the next room as he fixes or organizes things here and there.

I've been walking around telling everyone in Slovak "It's nice to meet you," only to discover that I was really asking "How are you?" Which, sure, makes me sound friendly enough, but the mix-up explains why I got strange looks the second or third time I said it to someone, particularly while they are walking away.

Please be praying about the conflict Russia is having with Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe. Slovakia gets all of its natural gas from Russia through Ukraine, and we heard today that Slovakia has eight more days of natural gas in reserves before they run out. How strange for a second-page newspaper headline to be so pressing to our daily lives. I caught myself thinking "America will save us." I just know that the Western World wouldn't let everyone freeze in the dead of winter, but I still felt strange thinking something so-- I don't know. I asked Mike if that thought made me sound very American or very unamerican. He said "very American" after thinking about it, and I think he is right. Of course, shouting "Go Big Red" at a Slovak movie theater probably wasn't fooling anyone anyway.


the lovely years said...

I had a dream about your apartment lest night! Even the floors were slanted. To do dishes I had to kneel on one knee and stretch my other leg out to the side.

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Love you guys! Be safe.

Patrick + Ivetka said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks for writing! I have been meaning to contact you guys for some time you beat me to the punch. Anyways, you are welcome to come over this Sunday.

Just to let you know- we are not an "official" church just yet, but simply a Calvary Chapel church plant. Basically, we just started to Bible study / worship service in September, so it's a small, but nicely growing group. We meet in our home, so it's relaxed and informal. The format is pretty simple. Just try to live out Acts 2:42 - as a community to get into the Word, worship, fellowship, and break bread together and let the Lord add to those being saved in His way in His time. We are currently exploring 1 John together.

So, you are more then welcome to come. We meet at 3pm on Sundays. Basically, we have the service then we share a meal together. So, be ready to not only be spiritually feed, but physically too!


Where? Mateja Bela 8, Bratislava (off of Palisady street, on the way to the castle).

When? Sundays 3pm

Door ringer? "HIGGINS"

Contact? 0907.395522 (Patrick) or 0905.764477 (Ivetka)

We could also meet you guys sometime this week if you would like for coffe of something...just let us know.

OK... we look forward to meeting you soon.


Patrick + Ivetka