Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moe's, Proscuitto, and the New CEO

"Did you hit your butt on the ceiling?" I asked Mike. He was frowning from the small corner of our room where he was putting some new sheets on our bed. He nodded, rubbing the small of his back with a grimace, and we coulnd't help but laugh. Only in our apartment, where the ceiling (the building's roof) sharply slants to each corner of the room, would that even be humanly possible. Mike is still learning when to duck.

Last night, Tina (co-worker and friend) was going to sing some jazz music at a pub downtown. The pub was called "U Muchko," which means "At Moe's." It is modeled after the bar in 'The Simpsons,' and the walls displayed a lot of memorabilia. Random, right? We met up with a few new friends and Frank (other co-worker and friend) and had a nice time listening to some excellent music by Caroline Hitland of Norway. We saw her a few nights ago, too, and her Danish boyfriend was there, tap dancing in accompaniment. It was so adorable! They both looked like Josh and Abbie Cobb, down to every facial expression and gesture, and it made me miss them so much!

Mike was so funny at the table: he spent a good deal of the evening staring intently at the short menu, asking what different words meant and making some pretty accurate guesses at others. He is already doing well at picking up pieces of the language and applying them. Although, this morning on our walk to work, he almost bumped into someone and couldn't think of the correct word for "excuse me" in time.

"Prepachte!" he remembered, just after we turned the corner. "I can never remember the 'p' words. Prepachte... prosim... proscuitto..." (As Mike sometimes like to sing: "Which one of these is not like the other?")

In more important news, TWR's new President and CEO, Lauren Libby, visited the Bratislava office today, and it was a very big deal. His wife, June, joined him. I was immediately impressed by him, and he did an excellent job being carted around everywhere, shaking hands and learning names with a genuine smile on his face. He gave his testimony of how he came to Christ and his career experience with media and the Navigators. He also explained his vision for TWR for the next few years, and a part of that was recruitment for the next generation of the TWR family, which is very exciting to Mike and I. It was something I was very interested in last time I was here, too. We made a point of speaking with Lauren about how we can get involved in whatever he has planned, so hopefully that will pan out!

Today and yesterday in the office have been all about preparing for and enjoying Lauren's visit, and tomorrow we train in Vienna to actually get started! We are ready to get this show on the road!


Renee said...

Hey guys,
I'm living vicariously through your traveling adventures. Blessings to you both! Renee

Reflector of Light said...

Beautiful Pictures!