Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're here!

We arrived safely to Bratislava! It will probably be no surprise to you that we unpacked and moved in the second we stepped foot inside our apartment. I am now officially done moving furniture and manipulating suitcases for several months, thankyouverymuch. They had a welcome party for us at the Bratislava office this morning, and it was great to see familiar faces and for both of us to meet new friends.

We start work officially on Monday. Until then, they have a few outings in the city planned for us. We slept a bit on the plane, but we're pressing through a jazz concert tonight then sleeping for, oh, two days maybe. Our next quests include converting the Internet from Slovak to English and making a run to the nearby IKEA.

Thank you very much for your prayers. All of our bags miraculously made it no problem. At O'Hare, I was chatting with a man in the line for McDonalds who just so happened to be an exec for the chain, and, after hearing what we were doing, offered to pay for our lunch. God is so funny sometimes.

We will be sure to post photos once we get everything officially set up. It's strange being in my old apartment and old office, and I'm noticing how loud it echoes in here--I didn't do so much talking when I lived alone! It felt like home the moment I walked in, and that is a blessing from God.


David Wenzel said...

yay!! So glad you made it safely. Can't wait to see photos!