Monday, May 12, 2008

The Plans God Had for One Little Radio...

In Communist Ukraine, the government equipped every home with a radio so everyone could hear the values and influences of the Communist party. Christians were caught in a bind, to say the least. How could they allow such anti-Christian propaganda into their homes? Still, it was a government mandate, and there were significant risks involved in arguing.

One woman approached her pastor to ask what they should do about these radios. Her pastor told her not to worry. "One day," he said, "the word of God will be broadcast through these radios." We've all been there before. "Sure, sure..."

Today, Ukraine is struggling to establish itself in a post-Communist society. Like many similar countries, the problem of HIV/AIDS (particularly through drug use) is damaging a generation. TWR hopes to bring in funding to create medical programs and drug rehabilitation programs to those that suffer.

The woman that approached her pastor? Her grandson, Olexander Chmut, is Director of TWR-Ukraine, and his programs are broadcast through this very radio and all over the country — programs to encourage developing churches and their leaders, programs to teach children Bible stories, programs to strengthen women. This is Olexander and his family...


Melodie said...

What an awesome story! Since meeting way back in our CU days I have visited your blogs from time to time, and kept up to date on what you guys are up to. I think your new direction is just awesome and am so glad God is leading you into mission work.

God bless!