Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ten Percent!

Hello all!

We've officially reached a small milestone in our support goal! With combined one-time donations and monthly support, we've made it to the 10 percent mark.

Mike and I have been talking a lot lately about the various ways God is teaching us lessons as we wait patiently on Him. We've been encouraged by such random stories and people lately. Just the other day, Mike's mom, Patty, was bold enough to speak to a woman at a Sally's Beauty Supply, a place next door to where she kept one of her Mary Kay info boxes. The woman ended up signing on to be a Mary Kay consultant under Patty, which has been a big prayer request of hers lately. Mike spoke with our brother-in-law, Chris, about our fundraising, and Chris related immediately with his new job -- sometimes you think "Wow, this is it! God is so good!" but other times you're wondering where God is. Just the other day, I was running an errand for my assistant job and ended up meeting a man whose sister is the editor of several trade magazines in Philadelphia -- he offered to pass along my resume! God is constantly reminding us to find Him in the unexpected, and it has been a big challenge for us lately to resist putting God in a timeline or box. Mike reminded me yesterday that the Psalms are filled with David praising God for his faithfulness, then wondering why God left him, only to discover again how God's plans all work for our good. "If God was working like that then," Mike said, "you know it's no different now!" I am humbled to think that David, a man after God's own heart, could be experiencing the same emotions we are.

April was a month full of fundraising, and, this month, I graduated college and Mike finished working with Starbucks. Now we're ready for summertime! Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.