Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Annual Partners' Conference

Hello friends!

Mike and I will be at the Annual Partners Conference in Bratislava this week, the biggest event of TWR Europe. Our PR Department hosts this event each year that brings together all of TWR Europe's national Partners. It is our Partners in each country that are the true lifeblood of Trans World Radio.

From offices and studios in their own county, our National Partners research the need for certain programming in order to produce culturally relevant material. (For example, Project Hannah's "Women of Hope" program has excellent scripts available, but the content details may need to be altered when speaking to a woman in the Middle East as compared to a woman in Western Europe, for example.) The on-the-ground work by local staff work to translate, adapt, produce, and broadcast programs so that others can hear the message of Jesus in their own language and dialect. National Partner staff communicates with listeners by phone, letters, and Skype.

It will be a privilege to meet many of these men and women this week, not to mention putting faces to names we've been e-mailing for so long. We appreciate your prayers this week, as this is an essential time for this global organization to come together to share about various areas of ministry, learn together, and encourage one another.

Thank you,

Heather and Mike

P.S. - You know how every time you look up the tour schedule of your favorite musicians, they're always in Europe? We're catching an Ingrid Michaelson show in downtown Vienna tonight for about 30 bucks. Yes, please! So, I suppose we should ask you to pray for energy as well, since the conference starts bright and early tomorrow morning! :-)