Friday, March 27, 2009

Waiting, Waiting, and Bulgaria

Hello dear friends!

Please be in prayer with us in the next week or two. From visa issues to budget meetings to one-on-one discussions with colleagues to expected letters, we wonder if God isn't going to work out a thing or two about our future plans in the next couple weeks. A lot of this was set into motion a month or so ago. Basically, all of these options were placed before us and, for various reasons, we had to wait until the beginning of April for answers. I am often incapable of waiting on answers, but it was a blessing to have a month to simply trust. There was/is nothing for us to do but trust. A wonderful(ly terrifying) place to be!

Mike just left for a weekend in Bulgaria. He will be traveling with our new boss, Branko B. and TWR's new president, Lauren Libby, to film Lauren for a short PR film called Why Radio? Our Bulgarian Partner office is also a television studio, and I know Mike is excited to play with some very expensive equipment--if they let him. Please pray for his safety in travels and his conversations with these two men he travels with.

We cannot wait for the Epic Story website for the Roma film to be set up so you can see (some of) the fruit of Mike's hard labor! He has put together some great recruitment materials, too.

This is the first time Mike has left me at home in our marriage! I hope it pours rain all weekend so I can justify burrowing myself into our flat for a few quiet days. I am looking forward to writing and listening to God in silence. Mike and I talked this morning about how it will be refreshing to have time with only God, and not the distraction of talking things out with each other. This time will also include, for my part, Coca-Cola, baking that will no doubt involve eating too much batter, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," and, to Mike's accurate guessing, probably some "Pride and Prejudice"-watching. Haha, just like last time, only there is a distinct scent of Michael Colletto's cologne in the air. Yes!!

Thank you for your prayers. We were about to ship out a letter to our supporters this week, but decided to wait until some plans are made in the next week or so.

Give me a Skype this weekend at 'heathercolletto' and I might might be able to ask Harry Potter to wait. :-)