Thursday, March 19, 2009

Listener letters from around the world

Everyday we have the true privilege of working with letters we receive from listeners. Any frustrations or doubts about what we are doing simply vanish with reading these letters. I just put together a few for the upcoming TWR Europe newsletter and thought I'd share. Each one of these was chosen from about a dozen in the region. TWR receives thousands every year and personally responds to each one.

Names and locations have been removed.


The wonderful program „Thru the Bible“ is my companion throughout the last years. I have been strengthened in my spirit and have joy and peace in my heart. Your clear explanation of God’s Word is so easy to understand. The hymns that are at the end of the program are particularly nice.

ROMANI-KALDERASH (formerly called 'gypsies')
I am glad that you gave us this solar radio. Along with my family who is Christian, we listen to your programs. I am a member in a small Baptist gypsy church and all my brothers are listening to your programs. We pray for you that God will give you strength and blessings.

I am 52 and single. I am sitting my sentence and don’t know how long it will last. My parents are both dead. My cell mate often speaks to me about Jesus Christ. I see that those who live with God are happier because they can trust in God’s love and give their problems up to Him. I am fed up with the kind of life that I live. I would like to change it. Is it possible to correspond with somebody who is a believer? I have never experienced another person’s kindness or friendship.

I listen for 40 years to your programs, since 1967. I was hounded from home right after I was baptized. My only spiritual food was and is TWR Romania. I listen with a great joy and love and I am anxious to hear the programs every night. I listen first to the programs in the Hungarian language, then in Romanian. I have been blind for four years and am alone. I have no other relatives but there are so many sisters that come to my house. We pray together and I feel surrounded by their love and, also, I feel God so close to me. I love you very much and I am asking you not be discouraged. I prayed God to “feed” you like He did with Elijah by sending the “crows” for you, so you’ll be able to exist until He’ll come again.

I am writing to thank you for the TTB program. I got to know Jesus through the radio. I was in a very depressing situation. I have studied law and I haven’t got a job. When I first listened to the TTB program, it was just like a light in the darkness. Day after day, I began to learn more about Jesus and I wanted to know more about HIM. I am so glad God used you and this program to bring me in His Kingdom. Now, I go in church in my city and I would love to know God closer. May God bless you!


the lovely years said...

Wow! Incredible! It's amazing what I take for granted everyday. Thanks for posting.