Monday, March 2, 2009

The good news and bad news...

Recently, during an annual meeting of European management, it was time to discuss the budget. They had just received some bummer news that organizations, such as the Billy Graham Association, had to cut back on people and radio programs due to economic hardship.

That same week, they heard what their new president, Lauren Libby, had been up to during this recession. As you'll read below, he visited a NC radio station for a pledge drive and, by the grace of God, raised over $117,000 in ONE DAY! Talk about street cred. Haha.

We are so thankful for Lauren's enthusiasm and drive to take TWR to the next level. This is an excellent reminder that we can't always say "Oh, there's no money" for this or that ministry. Don't tell God there's no resources. Just listen and go.


Estonia Transmitter Upgrade

In an all-day on-air campaign on February 24, Trans World Radio partnered with Black Mountain, NC-based radio station WMIT-FM and raised $117,085 toward TWR’s strategic Estonia Transmitter Project. Upgrading the existing AM transmitter from 100,000 to 200,000 watts will allow TWR programming to reach a potential of 159 million spiritually needy people in Russia.

In 2008, TWR broadcasts on two large Russian nationwide networks were terminated, ending Christian radio programming for large areas in Russia. Fortunately, TWR has been able to utilize another well-positioned transmitter in Estonia, but the current signal strength is too weak to penetrate the large cities in Russia. Once the upgrade occurs, a strong signal will penetrate places like Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Minsk.

WMIT’s radio campaign provides a tremendous boost toward TWR’s overall goal of $409,000 needed for the project. TWR supporters will receive more details about this project in the mail this April, but to discover more information or give toward this vital project now, click here.


the lovely years said...

I have a friend who is a missionary in Estonia. He also happens to be a CU Broadcasting major!