Thursday, February 26, 2009



The snow has finally stopped falling on Bratislava. It was a very Omaha-esque cycle, actually. Coldcoldcold--ooh, It's so warm! It's spring! Let's put away our--snowsnowsnowsnow... Mike is so jealous of my awesome Land's End boots my big sister made me buy for Cedarville back in 2004. I think I've worn them twice before moving here, and now I wear them every day. Amy, I completely related to your blog post about the feeling of absolute power when tromping around in brand-name winter boots. Slush, ice, water, dog spots--nothing phases me and my Land's End boots. (Clearly, I've just destined myself to break my arm on the ice this weekend...)

Everyone asked us for prayer requests when we first got here. Honestly, we didn't have much to say! We were just thankful to be here! I prayed for something to bring Mike and I together. Cue the Bratislava Virus of 2009: one newlywed couple, one flu virus, one twin bed, and one tight hallway to the bathroom. Yep, we got closer alright!

As we continued to prayer for this, though, God laid out opportunities to start making plans for the future--much sooner than anticipated! Often, Mike and I found ourselves looking down different roads. We knew we had the same goal in mind, so it was strange to see that this is where God had us. We knew and are still finding out how the way God works with us individually, though it might not make sense, will lead us to a common purpose if that is what we desire.

It has been a long few weeks. Mike and I have been in a great deal of prayer about our future, and God has been so faithful to listen, direct, and answer. So much of what God has taught Michael and I as individuals and a couple (and all the in-between!) has been patience and wisdom regarding God's perfect timing. We have both run into situations countless times that make no sense, seem to be dead-ends, and make us wonder if God has forgotten about us. It's not long before we realize God had other plans, and, oh, how much better they were than ours! I always end thanking God he didn't listen to my crazy scheming because he loved me too much. (I usually end up saying similar things to Mike, come to think of it...) We have been called on so frequently to be patient. I struggle with this in particular, but God has given me many, er, challenges to learn from Him and his perfect timing. All that being said, it is such a blessing to work through these things as a married couple. It is so wonderful to be in such close, needy prayer with Mike as we bow together before our God.

Mike and I are in the midst of figuring out our future, basically. Where do we go after this? When? For how long? Any news articles on the job economy make us so nervous, but we know God is bigger than that. There are a few avenues we are looking in to, and we know God is faithful to open and close doors as we actively seek to walk in His will. Please be in prayer with us over these things.

Heather and Mike