Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, we're packing our bags for Europe!

We are currently at about 53 percent, but we've discussed things over with some people at TWR, and we think the best thing to do--in terms of timing in our lives, when their need is greatest, the economy right now, etc.--is to go ahead and go for as long as we can.  Any money that comes in at this point will just mean that we get to stay and work in the ministry for that much longer.  Right now, it looks like we'll be there at least five months.  We're praying God gives us just enough money to keep us in Bratislava as long as He needs us there.

When we found out and I got to work the next morning, I sat down and started to brainstorm a to-do list.  Okay, we'll need to do this right away and I need to call these people... I'd literally moved my Bible out of the way to start my list.  God was like, Are you kidding me?  Have you learned nothing?!  Oh my.  I dropped the list into the trash and bowed my head.  My whole life has been about striving and doing and working with my hands, all while God is waiting for me to trust Him with absolutely no output from me.  I cannot do anything without God, but, oh, how I try!

Please keep us in your prayers as we wait on God to bring us His perfect amount of fundraising. I cannot tell you all the instances of surprising generosity we've received from the most unexpected people.  And our journey is just getting started!



Patrick + Ivetka said...

Hi, I came across your blog and wanted to invite you to our church (Calvary Chapel Bratislava)once you move. Take care & God bless the move forward. *Patrick H.