Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Lessons Learned

It had been a long day, and Mike and I trudged from the car towards our apartment building's door.

"You're welcome," Mike sputtered as he squeezed his way between the bushes.  "I just cleared out some spider webs for ya."  His hands waved dejectedly at nothing in the air.

"Thanks," I offered, my eyes squeezed shut to pretend all the moths and giant spiders weren't all around me.  I'm really quite a pansy about such things.

He held the main door open for me and I leapt inside.  I walked up the steps ahead of him while he got the mail from our box.  Keyless at the security door, I waited; Mike handed me the mail as he passed.  I flipped through it quickly and saw a letter I hadn't expected to come for weeks.

 "It's our grant!" I said, breathless.  A few weeks earlier, on a long shot, I applied for a missions grant online.  Why not? I thought.  I began ripping at the envelope furiously.  I felt like I was a high school student waiting to hear from a top school.  And, just like that, my eyes skimmed the letter to see "We regret to inform you..."  Oh.

I sighed deeply, focusing with intent on keeping a good attitude.  It's in your hands, God, I prayed half-heartedly.  "We didn't get it," I told Mike.  Upon another look at the letter, it sounded like the economy had hurt the organization significantly.

"It's okay," he said with a smile.

"I know," I said with no sincerity whatsoever.  But, when I breathed again, I felt God's peace.  "I know."  And I did.  We'd learned too much so far to get down about something like this.

The next envelope we opened was a handwritten note from a good family friend.  And it was a very, very generous gift for our ministry.  My breath caught.  

See?  God said.  I've got you.