Monday, January 25, 2010

Safely Home

We are home! We got in about an hour ago after David let us stop at Chipotle and stuff our faces. All of our attention right now is going into how to cut the giant claws on Mozno while he is so excited about us being home, then showering and passing out. But I wanted to let everyone know we got in okay.

I plan to post a good amount this week as we detox. I feel like my posts the past two weeks have been whatever is at the tip of my tongue and needing to get out within the few minutes allowed for computer time. I can't wait to start posting pictures, video, etc. And getting to share a few more stories.

Speaking of stories, Mike is doing fine. We've traded rice whiskey for butterfly bandages and he is feeling much better. Quite an interesting story though. :-) His Thai nickname is now Gimpy.