Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SOLD Tour Schedule: UPDATED

Here is a look at what our schedule will be like while we're in Thailand with links to more information, videos, etc. If you're interested, take a look around SOLD's great website, Stay up-to-date on SOLD on their blog.

January 11

Orientation to the SOLD Project, Thailand. Meet the local staff, discuss trip expectations, etc. Free afternoon and evening to adjust to local time and explore Bangkok and become acquainted with Thai culture.

January 12
Visit Home of New Beginnings. Orientation to Red Light District by director. Visit Bangkok bar scene in the evening to get idea of current situation for kids.

January 13
Travel to Chiang Rai. Prepare games for English camp. To learn more about the scholarship/school program and watch videos from the org's founders and local staff, please click here.

January 14
Visit new land for future Resource Center. Visit the SOLD scholarship students, including the girl we sponsor! Teach English, play after school, etc. Stay in village that night with host family. Learn how and who SOLD sponsorship helps on the ground.

January 15
English Camp at school all day. Paint mural at school with kids.

January 16
Field trip with scholarship students to ostrich farm!!! Meet with team to discuss SOLD: the program, the trip so far, future plans, etc.

January 17
Travel to Chiang Sean to visit orphanage; learn about their program and play with the kids!

January 18
Travel to Chiang Mai. Visit drop-in center and meet with staff. Help set-up and learn about their new medical program that SOLD is helping out with. Go out to streets at night to meet the kids.

January 19
Free day; wrap up night as a group for final farewell dinner!

January 20
Mike and I are staying a few extra days, as suggested, because Chiang Mai is such a beautiful place. We'll then spend a day getting back to Bangkok, then about two more days getting home! We'll arrive home Sunday, January 24, 5 pm local time.

By the way, if you want to learn more about my internship last summer with SOLD (I made the website! haha) and consider it for yourself--you can do it from anywhere--visit their internship page.