Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pushing Daisies

I had my birthday a few weeks ago, and I told Mike that I didn't really want anything. Like a good husband, he insisted for ideas, and I finally told him I just wanted something that represented this amazing past year. Something beautiful and romantic and meaningful that would represent and remind me of the past year I never could have expected when I turned 22 last year.

He bought me a DVD.

"We were going to buy it anyway," he shrugged. Oh, thanks, honey.

The DVD he bought me was the second and final (!) season of ABC's Pushing Daisies. The premise of the show is this: Ned, the pie maker, has a unique ability to bring back the dead with a simple touch. If he touches it again, it dies permanently. If he doesn't touch it again within one minute, something else nearby must die in its place.

Note: Sounds a bit morbid, right? Believe it or not, it's actually one of the brightest, most colorful (literally), happiest shows to be on television! The show is told in a storybook fashion with outlandish sets, costumes, and characters. I highly recommend it!

Bear with me here. I feel like I've been touched by Ned.

Our travels, our experiences, David, trusting God with finances, etc... I feel like this past year was a chance to come back to life, to see things new, to get a second chance. I wasn't touched again in a minute, and some many of my materialistic habits and commercial mindsets are slowly by surely dying. I feel like I am seeing everything differently, and that comes with this childish excitement that makes me want to do! I want to be like like Chuck, the girl from Pushing Daisies who has a second chance at life and is so excited about everything, so driven to make things count this time around.

So, Mike, your birthday gift was spot-on after all. And I look forward to sitting on our old more-purple-than-navy couch in our new living room and drinking fruit smoothies while we finish the season. Here's to many more.

Thank you for following us on this part of journey. We're going to leave this blog up, but we won't be posting on it for now. My hope is that God sends us somewhere again that has us needing it once more. For now, stay posted on our personal blogs. They've been neglected since we started this one, but we're going back! :-)

Our last post was titled "Home." And that is where we are. We are settled into Grand Rapids, MI for as long as our lease has us here. We are peaceful and scared and excited and nervous and just about everything else we've felt in the past year. It's exactly where we want to be.