Friday, July 10, 2009

Away to Grand Rapids


After two fantastic weeks in Chaska, MN with our dear friends, Brittany and Andrew, Mike and I road-tripped on over to Grand Rapids, MI, David and Amy's hometown a few days ago.

Any suspicions that I have the best big brother in the world have been confirmed. David has worked with his business partners to provide us a great(!!) deal on a nearby apartment. Mike has started to work on some projects with David's company, Dot&Cross. I am helping out Amy with some administrative work for her photography business, Amy Wenzel Photography. We are very overwhelmed by their generosity. David has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, and though this summer is under the guise of us helping them out, that's really a big lie and David and Amy are going above and beyond the call of sibling duty to look out for us!

I'm moving into Phase II of my internship with The SOLD Project. They are a fantastic CA-based organization that focuses of awareness and prevention of child prostitution in Thailand. The girls that founded and run the organization are incredible, and it has been a privilege to work with them. The next step is organizing a film screening of the SOLD film. Thankfully, I know a guy in this town who has some connections...

Mike and I are in a state of learning and wondering. How is God going to use us? Where does he want us? How do we find out? Please pray with us while we wait patiently for his guidance, because we're ready to do some big stuff for him. We just want to know where and how and when and with who. :-) If anyone gets a text message from God with this information, please let us know. We'll keep you posted!