Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer for David

Dear friends,

Please pray for our big brother, David. He was diagnosed this week with a brain tumor, and he and his wife are on their way to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a biopsy and treatment with (praise God!) the head of Mayo's neurosurgery department. He has his first appointment Thursday morning.

David was in California on business when he hit his head and started to feel strange. The next morning, he had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Subsequent tests revealed a brain tumor in the front of David's brain that has been growing slowly for the past couple of years. His "accident" saved his life! Amy, his wife, was able to be at his side in California several says later. Check out David's blog for the full story and updates. Amy's blog will post updates as well.

We are praising God for so many ways that he has already shown his sovereignty and goodness. Just last month, David and Amy felt led to move into a smaller home. Our dear, lifelong family friends from Omaha just "happened" to be in the next town over from David's hospitalization; their family has been through a very similar circumstance in the past. My parents, visiting us in Europe, were able to fly back early at hardly any cost to them. The best clinic possible for David is just a day's drive from their home. Facebook got hundreds of people praying immediately. Skype enabled our family to be in contact and stay updated, even across the world. From a TWR perspective, what a reminder that God uses technology for his purposes!

God is using David and Amy for his good and perfect work, and though it is a challenge, they are not shying away from sharing their love for God in and through all things.

Thank you,

Heather and Mike