Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radios for Roma

Last summer, TWR's Partners in several Eastern Europe countries handed out Galcom solar radios to Roma communities. The Roma people are an oral society, which means their communication is done with little reading and writing. They are so discriminated against that few children are allowed into schools and unemployment is very high. They have little trust. They are told they are unworthy and unloved. Many governments have tried to ban Roma customs and languages while attempted to assimilate them entirely.

Initially, they just handed out solar radios with information about TWR programming. Prejudice against the Roma as thieves and crooks were so strong that many got in trouble for owning the radios, since no one would believe they are a gift. When TWR handed them out again, they handed out radios tuned exclusively to TWR's programs.

Imagine hearing in their uncommon, native tongue that there is a God who loves them, who thinks they are everything, who wants to offer them hope. These programs are powerful. We hope to raise more awareness through one of the Epic Stories Mike is directing. Pray for them during the editing stages.

Moise Marin, a missionary of TWR Romania (white shirt), helped hand out the radios to the Roma communities in Romania. He sent us this report last week:

"Last summer, I distributed a number of solar radios in a village, and one person started a ministry among the people who received those radios there. Now, after a few months, there is a small church. From another Roma church, the people who received teh radios told me that they need to listen more to learn about God because the program is too short. I am thankful to God that there are two churches that were planted in two small villages after the radios were received and TWR's programs were listened to."
Visit radiosfortheworld.com and click on "Eastern Europe" to learn more about the radios and how you can gift a radio to a Roma family or community.