Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sushi Night in Slovakia

The quarantine has been lifted! Heather and I are both back from the dead, on our feet, and feeling fine for the PR retreat. We had big plans for a day trip to Vienna this Saturday, but instead spent our morning sleeping and our afternoon reading in our sunny sitting room. It was oh-so refreshing. Plus, it was a personal triumph to see Heather reading a sci-fi/fantasy book -- I finally convinced her to start the Harry Potter series and she tore through the first in less than 24 hours. I'm so proud.

Anyway, last weekend, before the plague struck our house, we went over to our neighbor's house for sushi night! Yep, sushi -- not exactly something we expected to find in a landlocked Eastern European country. We were quite excited. Of course, we couldn't find any sushi-grade raw fish (it is a landlocked Eastern European country, after all) but it ended up being excellent anyway. Watch and learn:


David Wenzel said...

Love it!!! Great to see you guys doing so well. And I appreciated either you or someone else importing Ben Folds into Slovakia.