Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meeting for upcoming Roma Epic Story

We have a big meeting tomorrow to plan for an upcoming Epic Story about TWR's ministry to the Roma people in Central and Eastern Europe. Mike will basically be producing the film (and another upcoming one--in Greece! more on that later...) and the PR team is getting together tomorrow to work on the script and plan out the filming. A few technicians will also be there to be a major help.

The Roma have a long history of oppression and segregation globally, but particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. They are often stereotyped as illiterate liars and thieves. The diminutive term for their group is 'gypsies.' Voice of the Roma is just one example of a TWR program that is reaching this people group in their unique and native tongue for Christ. They also distribute radios that can only be used to listen to TWR programming, and TWR recieves many listener letters of thanks from those who can write.

There have been a few mishaps in preparation to film an Epic Story for the Roma people and one covering TWR in Greece. Our videographer was unable to travel at the last minute. Mike was unable to attend a key planning meeting in Vienna today because he has the flu or food poisoning or something awful like that. Our photographer thinks she is getting a fever. Production is on a tight schedule and we are praying that we remember God is in control.

Please pray for our health. Mike was very very sick all night and has been awake for maybe an hour this entire day. Please pray for the rest of our team's health and that tomorrow's meeting will be productive.

Meanwhile, I have attempted my first coffee cake, compliments of a recipe from Mike's Aunt Patti. I don't have high hopes, as I'm not sure I used actual brown sugar and there were about half-a-dozen mathematical conversions I did in my head while measuring with metric ingredients and tools...


Pastor Sam said...

While I lived in Slovakia, I mainly lived and worked with the Roma. I'm probably one of the few native english speakers that can also speak "vlaho" and "rumungro" gypsy. I translated the Gospel of John in to Vlaho.
Read Bury Me Standing. Best book there is on the Roma.
If I can be of ANY assistance, please let me know.