Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Upcoming Support Letter -- You Saw It Here First!

Hello friends and family!

We want to give you an update on God’s plans for our service with Trans World Radio. As you know, our original plan was to leave this October for a ten-month stay in Bratislava, Slovakia. But recently, God’s been making it clear He has a different departure date in mind. We have to laugh — each time we think we’ve got the “trust God’s timing” lesson figured out, we’re challenged again. We have a feeling this lesson takes a lifetime to learn!

To be honest, it was initially difficult to consider not leaving in October. We knew everything was in God’s careful hands, but we still didn’t understand the why. As always, God provided the assurance we needed. When we were nervous about facing the increased cost of rent when our lease ends in October, God more than covered the need by providing Heather with two additional jobs that fit perfectly into our schedule. When we were confused about why we couldn’t leave when we’d planned, God showed us what He had in store for us here — a youth group retreat (we’ve been blessed to help with the youth group at Calvary Chapel), two weddings of dear childhood friends, and the birth of a new niece or nephew!

We’ve been given 43% percent of the $36,822 needed for our ten months with TWR. We cannot tell you how encouraging it is to hear about family and friends who have committed to partner with us in this way. If we can double our support and bring it to 80 percent by the end of November, we’ll be on target to leave for Slovakia on January 7th, 2008. (How does that sound for a first anniversary celebration?) Put simply, that means we need roughly $15,000 by November 30th. If you haven’t already, please consider partnering with our ministry and Trans World Radio’s by giving financially.

Your support sends us to work with the Public Relations department, whose primary goal is to increase funding for existing and future radio programs that proclaim the Gospel in over 160 countries and 225 languages and dialects. As we seek to be God’s hands and feet in the PR department, your money will directly result in more funds for programming, which means more people hearing the message of Jesus Christ. To give by credit card, visit and click ‘Support a Missionary.” To give by check, make it out to “Trans World Radio” and send it to our address below.

For the most up-to-date information, check out our blog at or join our Facebook group, “Heather and Mike Colletto go to Slovakia!” If you’d like to learn more about Trans World Radio, please visit TWR’s great new website:

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support. The information in this letter — God’s provision, our lessons, the people we’re meeting — are all results of your prayers. Please keep us in mind as we seek to wait patiently on God and His timing.

In Christ,

Michael & Heather Colletto