Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Missionary Barber

When in the course of human events it becomes self-evident that one badly needs a haircut...

...yet one is on the mission field (read: poor) in a country where one doesn't know the language, one is left with but one place to turn for help: the missionary barber--a.k.a. one's spouse.

Heather has now successfully cut my hair twice since we've been here--saving us money while saving my dignity. And, actually, I gave her hair a good trimming before she left for Romania.

Speaking of Romania, she'll be away for a week, visiting a safe house for girls rescued from the sex trafficking industry and, together with TWR's Partner, researching possibilities for using media to help victims of this atrocity and prevent more girls from falling prey. Pray for her travels!


Heather Colletto said...

HA! Mike, this post made me laugh so hard! You look so vulnerable in that first picture and, as I scrolled down, there was my oh-so mischevious face. HA! Doug will be so proud of us.