Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Five minutes after we made our official to-do list...

A bullet flew past my head as I saw a shadowy figure dart behind the corner.


A whirl of movement again and a bullet bounced off the wall and landed at my feet.

This time, a snicker.

I flew from my hiding space and shot two bullets, one right after the other, right where I knew my enemy was waiting. Bang. Bang. I felt a thud in my chest. I hadn't been fast enough.

"I'm hit!" I cried, but popped out again for a face-to-face match.

"I'm out! I'm out!" Mike yelled, arms waving in surrender. I got another good hit in, then slumped to the floor. Mike joined me, our Nerf guns knocking together on the carpet.

"I think packing is going well so far, don't you?" Mike nodded. I smiled. Yes, indeed.