Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rifles, Fish, and Leases

Hello all!

This past weekend, Mike and I flew down to Tennessee to meet up with most of my immediate family so that we could spend some time with my granddaddy and our cousins. We don't make it down to the area very often, so it is always a treat when we get to go. My granddaddy has a pond across the street from his home that we've grown up fishing on, and it was so special to have Mike there this time! Coca-Cola in a glass bottle could not taste better than on a dock with worm guts beneath my nails. (And, yes, that's as outdoorsy as I get!)

The only thing we catch on the pond is bluegill brim, which is usually smaller than your hand. Maybe a small-mouth bass will show up. This has been the case for years. It's mostly about bumming around with Granddaddy, letting him bait our hooks when the fish sneak ours away and, this time around, it became about a slightly different hobby to the boys:

"Fishing is much easier with guns," they insisted. Their intimidation factor is lowered by the flip-flops and Prada sunglasses. Only one turtle died in the making of this photo. (L to R: Mike; Jamin, our brother-in-law; David, my brother).

I was sitting on the little dock, minding my own business with my Coke and fishing pole, and Mike wanted to snap a few photos. Cute, right?

The next photo was this, as Mike lunges to the pole next to me that has been resting there all day, waiting for a bottom-feeder bite. Yeah right. "How will I know when it's ready?" I asked Granddaddy. "You'll know," he said. Just as Mike was snapping the photo, he "knew" and lunged for the pole.

This is what Mike caught!!! A two-foot catfish! All of the Tennessee family was very impressed with my new husband. Mike still has some catfish bites on his thumb (no joke), but I know he secretly loves it.

We are currently at 34 percent and pressing on! It seems that God's plans might not have been October, and we're trusting Him to send us the very day He needs us to go.

Right now, there are a lot of uncertainties hanging around our heads. Our apartment lease is up in October, and we're unsure of our living situation after that time; our rent would increase a significant amount if we were to stay on a month-to-month basis (plus, the price went up in general), and we're praying that God will show us the next step.

When I was moving to south Jersey after my time with TWR, I was searching for apartments on the internet all the way from Slovakia. I found one, my brother and sister went to check it out, and God gave me an apartment that was absolutely beyond my wildest imagination! It was right on the main street of the uppity town of Haddonfield, walking distance to the train I took to work and school. It was such a blessing, and I took it to heart when a friend saw the apartment and, seeing how perfect for me it was, said "Heather, God is pursuing your heart!" I know He will be faithful to continue to do so with Michael and me.

We've made a commitment to ourselves to really keep this blog moving and interesting. Be sure to check back soon!


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